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October 22, 2008 by InfoGeek
So, let me see, according to a senior McCain advisor we now have a "real" Virgina  and another one. Should it be Unreal Virgina? Imaginary Virginia?


or so we take Gov. Palin's and Sen. Bachmann's idea and make it Anti-America Virginia.

Geographers an dGoogle Maps need to know!



September 4, 2007 by InfoGeek
It seems odd to me, that since the war in Iraq is going so well, that in order for the President to visit Iraq, a country we control, the visit has to be a surprise and that the leaders of the country he is visiting, did not know about it until her was in their airspace.

July 9, 2007 by InfoGeek
KFC had an interesting post about the Rapture and leaving and that gave me a rather interesting thought.

If we accept the fact (temporarily) that the Rapture is going to happen, and the “train” comes for you to get aboard, you look at the magnificent train and then look back at the red and black billowing clouds and those left behind.

You look at the last train leaving he station, then back to the gathering storm....

Let’s assume you see your neighbor and his wife or, perhaps your own ...
June 26, 2007 by InfoGeek
Now, Mr. Cheney,

I know that your boy is in the white house and that we have been greeted with open arms by the loving Iraqis, that the insurgents are in their death throws, and that your Republican faithful are still behind you, but I feel I must point out something.

You seem to be under a slight misconception.

Now I know that you avoided any unpleasantness with the accidental shooting of your friend in the face, even to have the shootee apologize to the shooter. That is f’n power. A...
May 3, 2007 by InfoGeek
Showed up, signed up for a 45 minute class. Met the instructor, Susan. Athletic, medium high, enthusiastic, but not annoyingly so.

Three other people came into the class. Looked at the small, thin seat on the bike. Got on the bike. My bony butt and the stick attempting to be a seat meet. My underpants become a thong as the seat wedges itself between my cheeks. No seat padding, bony butt… comfort city.

So I pry my butt off the seat a bit and find a position that is mot very uncomfortable an...
June 14, 2006 by InfoGeek
Well, it seems that LW’s article has given people cause to pause and reflect and confess the problems of their childhood. So it seems to be my turn, to confess.

Unfortunately I have nothing to confess. My life for the past 40 years has been normal, as generally defined. I have never tried drugs, became intoxicated, been abused in any form by parents or siblings, been arrested. My life, while not idyllic consisted of bike rides, four squares, game night, family vacations.

I am, basically n...
March 7, 2006 by InfoGeek
So, South Dakota has a law outlawing abortions. Good. But did they think it through?

My question is did they think about the details? I mean the main issue is nice and all, certain to appeal to the Republican Base, but did they consider that technology has changed since 1973?

The law says that life begins at conception and that the termination of the life of an unborn human being." Section 5 defines "unborn human being" as "the unborn child from fertilization to full gestation." Is prohib...
February 2, 2006 by InfoGeek
The Republican Representative from Ohio has been elected the Majority Leader of the House.

This gives the House its first Major Boehner since the Tip O'Neil Christmas party.

However the House still substantially lags behind the Clinton Administration.

January 31, 2006 by InfoGeek
They are putting up a new building next to where I work and yesterday they were pouring blacktop or some sort of tar.

While this is not earthshattering or of great importance to anyone but the construction people, as I passed by I got the full smell of the tar.

It was wonderful. Not in the “ohh, look at the purple elephants” wonderful. It took me all they way back, thirty years to my grandfathers house. Every summer as a pre-teen I would visit for two weeks. He had a large driveway that h...
November 7, 2005 by InfoGeek
Do you think Jesus was a dude? As in “Dude, want to get some beers and watch the game at my house?”

Do you think he could just be “one of the guys”? Or was he always on message/

We know he went to parties, but could he really let his hair down?

Could he just “shoot the breeze”?

Could he just stand with Hank Hill and Boomhaur? Yes. Waste time! Could he just sit with his friends and waste an hour or two doing nothing?

November 7, 2005 by InfoGeek
There is a current proposal by the Senate to ban torture. Most people agree that torturing someone is a bad thing. Now, we are not talking about the police interrogation techniques that have passed legal muster, what I am talking about its torture.

Let’s say. For example, taking a hammer and whacking the boys a few times.

In general most people don’t like torture, so the Republican controlled Senate says, “OK, we’ll pass a law. No torture.”

And Bush just said recently that “We do not to...
October 3, 2005 by InfoGeek
The President has nominated Ms. Meirs as a candidate for the Supreme Court, and already we have the blogs polarized.

Well I have a few concerns with the nominee. The first is she has never been a judge. Now I know that does not exclude her and that there have probably been members of the court that were not judges. My concern is that she has never had to be impartial. She has always been a lawyer, an advocate for a particular viewpoint. She has never had to balance two valid, legal opposing v...
September 28, 2005 by InfoGeek
Here's a link:


She is taking her case to the Supreme Court! And the Court is listening to it!

Can Pamela Anderson get a cabinet post?

September 28, 2005 by InfoGeek
I have read a few online articles about this and I wanted to know if anyone else saw this.

Apparently, if you receive federal money you have to abide by federal anti-discriminatory guidelines, i.e. you cannot discriminate against a persons race, or religion, etc.

A rider was attached to a bill for the “reauthorization” of the Head Start program with removes that condition and the program can exclude people with certain beliefs when they are hiring.

Did anyone else see this?

September 27, 2005 by InfoGeek
America is that odd uncle of the family that lives in that house in the country, that the family does not talk about too much.

He has a collection of porno magazines and a bible, normally on the same table, and has a firm belief in both.

He believes that the Jews run everything, but that Isaac Goldberg, who he works with down at the plant, is a “good guy”.

He may not have much to do with the rest of the family, but when the tree hit his brother Louis’ house, there he was with his half-t...